Our Story

About S&S CPA Inc.

The origins of our firm go back several decades.

Marlene Norton started the Bowling Green side of the practice back in the late 1980s and moved the firm office to our Haskins Road location in the mid 1990s. The Stott family moved to Bowling Green in 1999. Both Ann and David were established CPAs when they bought into the practice in 2002 as Marlene was heading to retirement. Over the next several years, the firm grew and developed into a full-service CPA firm serving personal and business clients both in and around Bowling Green as well as around the country. One of the beautiful things about a university community is that we truly are global which can be seen by the geographic dispersion of our client base.The Singer name has been synonymous with public accounting in Fremont since the late 1970s when Fred started his practice down on Front Street. In the years since, Fred developed a strong accounting practice serving both personal and business clients in the Fremont area and across Northwest Ohio. 2009 was a year of significant change for the Singer firm. Sadly, Fred passed away unexpectedly just as his son Dudley was completing his Master of Accountancy degree at Bowling Green State University. Dudley went on to successfully complete his CPA exam (on his first attempt by the way!) and took over the practice his father had started so many years before.

The Stott firm was also affected by Dudley in 2009.

David was serving as the Chair and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Accounting and MIS at BGSU at that time and Dudley just happened to be serving as David’s graduate assistant that year. David saw the potential and encouraged Dudley to not only pursue his dream with his father’s practice but also to come over to Bowling Green and hone his skills with the Stott firm. Well, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Which brings us to today!

At the beginning of 2017, the Bowling Green and Fremont firms formally merged and will now operate under the firm name – S&S CPA Inc. Our new name represents both the Stott and Singer names which have been a part of the public accounting landscape in Northwest Ohio for many years and we are looking forward to many more years of service.